What does our Simples & Worts brand stand for?

What does our Simples & Worts brand stand for?

Published by Phil Wilson on 25th Mar 2020

Our Simples & Worts brand stands for an aspect of our lives that the large majority of us, are not aware of. And, if we are aware, it's a feeling which is especially tough to capture in words. But, we'd like to a try to put into words how we feel and even how we want to orient our lives.

The path into the world of herbs usually starts with some practical aspect. One great example is when you find that you'd prefer to purchase, and burn, a soy candle with essential herbal oils infused into the soy wax... RATHER THAN buy a petroleum-based candle which uses a non-organic perfumed scent. 

The other primary channels into the world of herbs are herbal-inspired aromatherapy and gourmet cooking. Once you have delved into these areas, do you have a further yearning to drive deeper? My own interest in herbs seems to be seated at a much deeper level. I want to take you down several levels and into our herb and herbal wellness affect your mind body relationship and your inner peacefulness

I believe that there's a relatively unknown path to tranquility and serenity which is based on herbal wellness, lore and practices. This path allows us to sense and appreciate the small things in life. The path is closely connected to the world of plants and the joy that we get in using herbs for culinary, aromatherapy, decorative, and many other purposes.

So let's turn to you. Do you have yearning to learn about herbs? Or do you have a burning interest to orient your career around herbs? If you have a yearning or a burning desire then you may want to explore our in-depth herbal curricula from the renown Herbal Academy.

The concept of herbal wellness endorses mind body awakening and the objectives of rejuvenation, healing and blossoming! The bottom line is that our Simples & Worts brand stands for:

1.) Appreciating the small things in life such as the fragrance of a lavender plant, the sprouting of seedlings in the spring, the change of seasons and so on.

2.) Taking a natural, organic path in order to treat your mind and body the best ways that you can.

3.) Learning about the history of herbal lore and practices.

4.) Developing an appreciation of how far herbal courses and structured curricula have come with our love of The Herbal Academy courses which we represent as an affiliate organization.

5.) The inclination and interest from getting involved with herbs keeps growing! We turn to new ways of scratching the itch such as taking new courses,finding that we want to actually make or purchase new types of herbal wellness products, read about herbal lore in historical settings, etc. 

My ultimate life-long objective has been to run an historic herb farm, to learn as much as I can about herbs and infuse them into my life, 

Although our herbal passions can't be easily described we want to support you and your own herbal path of discovery so that you can explore a world which is extraordinary from what ever dimension you want to follow.

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