Welcome to Roadstead Farms!

We have been cultivating, processing, and selling herbs for over 25 years in Massachusetts USA to address mind body tranquility, aromatherapy, culinary, decorative and many other needs.

We have found that herbs make people happy. So, our goal is to entice you to explore our herbal wellness products, plants, classes and community.

Enjoy your herbal wellness journey and get ready to...

look, feel and smell your very best!


Beth and Phil Wilson,
Managing Directors and Global Member Support

Roadstead Farms / 1782Farm.com

Harwich, MA 02645



Please note that we do not cultivate Cannabis or Hemp plants, nor offer any Cannabis or Hemp products.

We do, however, support scientific research into the 50+ medical research areas where medical-grade Cannabis and Hemp new drug discoveries may be of significant importance to mankind. One of these areas focuses on MS, while another focuses on pain and stress reduction and PTSD treatment programs. There are many others!

You can get the FREE white paper on this subject by joining the Plant Power or Cannabis Connect member communities found at https://chchains.org.



Global Brands:

  • Roadstead Farm (https://RoadsteadFarm.com)
  • Roadstead Farms (https://RoadsteadFarms.com)
  • Roadstead Farms Community
  • 1782 Farm (https://1782farm.com)
  • Simples and Worts Herbal Apothecary and Wellness Gift Shop (https://1782farm.com)
  • Flintlock Farm
  • Plant Power Community (https://chchains.org)
  • C-Connect Community (https://chchains.org)


E-Mail: chvaluechain(at)gmail(dot)com

Mobile: 1(508)769-6162

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