Welcome to Captain Pollard's historic Flintlock Farm and our herbal apothecary and wellness gift shop; Simples & Worts!

Simples & Worts provides a range of potted herbs, flowers and Boxwood shrubs during the growing season. Herbs commonly sold include lavender, mint, thyme, basil, oregano, dill and others. We also sell dried bouquets and flower arrangements.

We are an Herbal Academy affiliate and offer individual classes (on the web) and more lengthy curricula. These courses of instruction are offered year-round, for professional herbalists or for those who are just getting started in their careers. Our web-based courses lead the industry in quality content and they are of great interest to hobby herbalists, too. We provide specialty courses for a range of professional functions and roles including herbalists, herbal clinicians, product developers, wellness consultants and practitioners and other professionals.

You can browse our extensive curricula HERE.

Our gift shop provides luxury-class herbal bath and beauty products from April through December. We also offer a range of other gift products which are a favorite for building a custom gift basket, wedding and party favors, etc.

Captain Pollard's Flintlock Farm was established in 1782 and is 238 years old as of 2020. We been in operation as a working herb farm, under Beth and Phil Wilson's ownership, since 1994. That's over 25 years for our "stewardship in time"!

About the Simples & Worts Name

During the 17th century, a “Simple” was a single medicinal plant used to bring about a medicinal cure. Example: To search for wild herbs was “to go simpling”.

A “Wort” meant “root”; a synonym once used for the word “plant”.
Example: St. John’s Wort. The established name in England at the time when American Puritans had reached Cape Cod shores in North America; i.e. the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1620.

An “Apothecary” was the name of an herbal wellness business which made and sold medical preparations. A “Chemist”, from the word Alchemist, was the head of the Apothecary.


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