Track #1 Subscription - Living an Herbal Lifestyle with You!

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What is the Living an Herbal Lifestyle With You! subscription:

farmer-6675780-1-.png Holistic herbal topics and community member activities; threaded discussions, video, podcasts and more spanning over 20 Communities of Interest (COI’s) and Communities of Practice (COP’s).

This community is set up for collaborative participation / interaction and what we call the 4 C’s; communication, coordination, controls and collaboration.

Our content will help you to find and ramp your key interests and affinities in record time!

Who is the Living an Herbal Lifestyle With You! subscription for:

Members who want to scratch their "herbal itch".

Explore history and modern day crafting, art, careers and lifestyles as well as significant business opportunities.

Why you want the Living an Herbal Lifestyle With You! subscription:

  • Uncover what an “herbal itch” means to you as well as our other members
  • Inspiration
  • Collective Impact / Output
  • Fun hobbies and lifestyle affinities
  • Identify specific herbal, farm and other herbalism opportunities at the hobby or commercial practice levels
  • Inspiration through discovery such as herbalism careers and business pursuits.
  • Fun crafting and gift making
  • Fandom – Find others who share your passions
  • Entry-level career guidance
  • Entry-level business guidance