Track #3 Subscription - Herbal Art Collector Series

Enjoy a FREE subscription to our The Herbal Art Collectors’ Series channel!


What is the Herbal Art Collectors’ Series subscription:

Herbal Art Collectors’ Series Subscription: Rowan Illustration Members receive an early alert on herbal art products which we plan on releasing to our global members.

Members receive a Track #3 discount for their participation, but they have no obligation to purchase anything.

This community is set up for collaborative participation / interaction and what we call the 4 C’s; communication, coordination, controls and collaboration.

Who is the Herbal Art Collectors’ Series subscription for:

Members who consider themselves serious herbal art collectors.

Members who want to participate in helping us bring new forms of herbal art and related products to market.

Why you want the Herbal Art Collectors’ Series subscription:


  • Get an early Member alert on our new products!
  • Fandom – Collective marveling at our common herbal art passion
  • Receive coupons and discounts for helping us!
  • Member Guidance from our Simples & Worts management and staff
  • Inspiration
  • Collective Impact / Output