Making Herbal Preparations 101 Mini Course

Making Herbal Preparations 101 Mini Course

Published by Beth & Phil Wilson on 16th Feb 2020

I have been taking this course and want to share the overview in case you're interested for yourself, a friend or even a group of friends...

Welcome to the Herbal Academy’s short course on the basics of herbal preparation, Making Herbal Preparations 101. We are so glad you are joining us for this exploration of herbal preparations! Throughout this course, we’ll take a look at everyday herbs and their preparations, such as herbal infusions and decoctions, honeys and glycerites, tinctures and liniments, and infused oils and salves. 

We’ll show you how these preparations extract the benefits of herbs, as well as how to properly make, store, and use them so you can get the most from the herbs you work with. We will include herbal recipes for each of the preparations discussed in this course so you can get some hands-on experience making these preparations on your own. 

Note that all of the herbal ingredients in the recipes throughout the course should be dried unless otherwise noted.

Lesson 1- Everyday Herbal Preparations

Lesson 2 - Everyday Herbs

Lesson 3 - Water-Based Herbal Preparations

Lesson 4 - Sweet-Based Herbal Preparations

Lesson 5 - Alcohol-Based Herbal Preparations

Lesson 6 - Oil-Based Herbal Preparations

Lesson 7 - Everyday Recipes

In this mini course, we will introduce you to our “starter tools”—some safe herbs and basic herbal preparations that will become the foundation for creating your personalized wellness toolkit. We’ll cover tips for general wellness, with some basic tutorials and additional detailed recipes that will help you support a state of balance and vitality both daily and year-round!

If you are interested in learning more about beginning your journey in the wild and wonderful world of herbs, we invite you to check out our Introductory Herbal Course, which covers a broad spectrum of topics from using herbs in the kitchen and making herbal preparations to herbs for common body system imbalances and the herbal holistic approach.
You can browse these and our other course options HERE.

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