Wakening The Farm Up After a Long Pandemic Period

Wakening The Farm Up After a Long Pandemic Period

Published by Beth & Phil Wilson on 3rd Feb 2023

During the last two years, we have spent our time moving our farm to Cape Cod which is located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States, for those of you in other countries. We are located on the eastern coast of the USA and reside in a nautical area where fishing, boating, beaching and other seaside activities rule!

No swimming, though based on the Great White Shark population! 

We've always liked the idea of owning, or in our case building, a "salt water farm" and now we have the chance to do just that. We have identified our parcel of 2 1/2 acres in the Town of Harwich. and are working with our architect to nail down our farmhouse and other outbuildings. Although we have made a lot of progress, we have a ways to go. Luckily, we have a great house to rent in the mean time. We also are able to get our feet planted before we are back in operation with our decorative and edible herbal plant crops and perennials.

Based on the idea of a saltwater farm, our new farm name will reflect this. Roadstead Farms is our new farm name which connotes a "safe anchorage" just outside a port. That's the nautical definition of a roadstead.

This winter we are testing out our new LED lighting capabilities and are using new grow methods. We are not yet fully converted to aeroponics but we've had good results so far. 

We are also learning about establishing production growing capabilities on a sandy base and this is a real challenge. We're excited about the newly acquired knowledge around soil building sciences with soil additives such as biochar, worm castings, etc. If you have ideas for us please let us know at Roadstead Farms (at) gmail (dot) com.

We wish you a wonderful winter season!

Beth & Phil

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