The Simples & Worts Story

The Simples & Worts Story

Published by Beth & Phil Wilson on 26th Feb 2020

        Rejuvenate - Heal - Blossom

        Simples & Worts is an Herbal Apothecary and Wellness Gift Shop which is based in the Town of Harvard, Massachusetts in the USA 01451. We are officially located in the village of Still River which has it’s own zip code of 01467.

        Our shop is based at an authentic 1782 colonial New England farmstead at 327 Still River Road in Still River, which has the formal name Captain Pollard’s Flintlock Farm. Capt. Pollard was an 18th century English landowner who set up his farm in 1782 after the Lancaster Grant was purchased from the local Indian chief in the early 1600s. That’s why we have the website;

        Our historic farm and historic herbal apothecary business will be primary BLOG threads as we move forward. We will address our gradual build of herbal expertise over many years and we will highlight our interactions with several top herbalist experts which you will find both informative and highly relevant. We will also look at the history of herbal wellness and trace the development of practices over the centuries.

        In essence, we want to address health issues and health concerns which are affecting over 60% of individuals in the American population. We want to move towards a number of “applied science” directions which address the markets of pain management, pain mitigation, and the management of stress and anxiety. In the future, we want to provide a mix of wellness services and activities with partners which tap into an exceptionally-differentiated customer experience which span a range of interesting, fun and socially-connected activities and events which are…

        • Educational
        • Collaborative
        • Healthy

          We encourage our Herbal Apothecary Members and farm guests to craft the mix of wellness activity alternatives and educational events to build their own custom-tailored visit, vacation, or corporate meeting, framework consisting of…

          • Sports and outdoor adventures
          • Leisure and hobby-related activities
          • Fine dining and lodging
          • Music and other dramatic arts performances
          • Wellness guidance and consulting services

            In this way, Simples & Worts is devoted to the notion that an agri-tourism customer experience kindles new ways to enjoy and invigorate our lives. We can connect with others who share our lifestyle passions regarding herbal wellness, find new friends and share adventures, identify /strive for new life goals and much, much more.

            Our historic farm leverages the history and beauty of our section of Massachusetts as well as across other states which are working with us. We produce exceptionally fine quality products and services ourselves and we sign up unique partners for their 3rd party products, too. We look forward to your visit and introducing you to our own herbal agri-tourism story and experience which are based on the history of herbal wellness!

            Here’s the key dimensions which we believe frame our Simples & Worts Herbal Apothecary and Gift Shop business model…


            At Simples and Worts, sustainability (or regenerative agriculture as we like to call it) has been built in at the design level – from the use of renewable energy to power growing lights to our rainwater collection and reuse systems. We believe that cost-efficient growing and environmentally sustainable practices can work together. That belief drives us to do things the way we do.

            Water Conservation

            Our herbal and non-herbal plants are grown in two modes the first method uses a horizontal layout of a single-tier closed-loop hydroponic grow system while the second uses a vertical layout for a multi-ponic multi-tier grow. We have also built an advanced fertilization and irrigation system that uses up to 90% less water than field-grown crops.

            Energy Conservation

            We use a natural gas-powered heating system that operates with over 95% efficiency. In addition to heating our greenhouse, in the future we want to we capture CO2 and use it within our growing systems to optimize plant development. Plus, we want to generate a significant portion of our electricity from solar energy and natural soil heat exchange from the new generation of geothermal systems which will further reduce our carbon footprint.

            Natural Sunlight

            Our greenhouses are built to maximize the use of natural sunlight. This starts with using some of the best glazing’s in the world allowing full use of free and carbon-free natural sunlight. Due to low-light conditions during the winter, we supplement the natural light with energy-efficient LED-powered grow lights to ensure consistent production throughout the winter months. Our LED grow lights consume 40% less electricity than conventional grow lights!

            Food Miles

            Over 98% of U.S. all lettuce is grown in California and Arizona and shipped throughout the country. The lettuce on our store shelves has been trucked 3,000 miles, if you live in New England. Simples & Worts delivers products to stores within a day’s drive – doing our part to lessen the environmental impact by minimizing diesel consumption and pollution. And the biggest benefit to consumers is our unparalleled impact on product freshness, taste and quality.  

            Simples & Worts blends and synthesizes a unique mix of agri-tourism education which spans wellness consulting services to help address a wide range of physical and psychological afflictions, disorders, life challenges and more.

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