Looking for the Next "Steward-in-Time"

Looking for the Next "Steward-in-Time"

Published by Beth & Phil Wilson on 16th Sep 2020

The Captain Pollard Mansion House is now available for the next: "Steward in Time" for this unique and authentic American treasure which consists of a pure 16.4 Georgian farmstead, pond and streams, crop and pasture land, 1830's period Double English "banked barn" and a elegant farmhouse with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 3,950 square feet.

The farm property can be used for commercial operations such as a farm, ranch, agritourism,  or a fine residential property. 

Note that the Captain Pollard Flintlock Farm historic site also features a grand open air amphitheater. The entire farm could serve as a unique mini Tanglewood open air concert venue for classical music or jazz, etc.

The property features not only the Double English banks barn. It also features the 3rd oldest Sycamore in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and an amazing history by the 3 notable individuals who lived at 327 Still River Road in Still River (01467) which is a section of the Town of Harvard, Massachusetts 01451 from 1782 through the 19th century.

The present business is Flintlock Farm with the Simples & Worts Herbal Apothecary and Wellness Gift Shop. The farm store can be found at https://1782Farm.com.

The real estate listing can be found here with a video and many pictures:

Harvard Realty Real Estate Listing for Captain Pollard's Flintlock Farm

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